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dots of colors representing different american groups

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You work hard to find buyers, you sign a contract, and you want to see it close. Suddenly there is a major problem: the rates change and your buyer can’t qualify for the home they have fallen in love with. They suddenly need an extra $5,000 at the last minute, or the underwriting doesn’t approve their income and they need a co-signer. Maybe you’re two to three weeks before closing and the agency comes back saying that funding for that home has dried up. These are the all-too-frequent nightmares that real estate agents are dealing with on a daily basis. But that shouldn’t be the case.

With our down payment and earned equity programs, you will never have to deal with the backtracking, the waiting, or the failed closing again. 


Down Payment Assistance Myths

Truth: Honestly, it depends on the program.  Many state agencies can take longer, but with Arrive Home our embedded underwriting happens inside the lenders process.

Truth: We represent a federal agency and are available in every state.

Truth: Because of how we structure risk and securitize our loans, we never run out of money.

Don't Let Your Deal Fail

If the lending program dries up and the rates hike, your deal will fall through.

Interest rates are rising and the market isn’t stable. Suddenly a house they were qualified for is unaffordable. The closing process takes too long, and the deal falls through. 

Here are a few interesting numbers to show the home ownership percentages for Americans.



Asian Americans have the 2nd highest homeownership rates.



Hispanic Americans have the 2nd lowest homeownership rates.



Black Americans have the lowest homeownership rates.



White Americans have the highest homeownership rates.

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Having a reliable, steady, easy, consistent, down payment assistance partner ensures your buyer has the money she needs to turn the key on her new home.

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