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The housing market is chaotic right now. Interest rates are hiking up seemingly on a daily basis. Loan approval has become a grueling process filled with backtracking, resubmissions, and pipeline hold ups. But what if you had a system in place to make things infinitely easier for you while opening doors to a whole new audience that you may not have considered before?

Welcome to Arrive Home, a down payment assistance facilitator. Our programs give your business the power to have access to both a down payment assistance program and an earned equity program. Enjoy intuitive software, integrated data, and easy to use communication. Our programs allow you to provide down payment assistance and non-traditional credit solutions for aspiring homeowners.

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Earned Equity Program

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Man working on laptop computerThe Arrive Home Earned Equity Program is a purchase transaction partnered with a government entity that allows a consumer to enter into a ‘contract for deed’ or ‘triple net lease’ agreement that ultimately leads to homeownership.  This program is designed for borrowers who have had challenges qualifying for traditional FHA mortgage financing. Whether it’s related to documenting cash flow for self-employed consumers; non-traditional credit history or credit events that prevent gov’t or agency approval, or other underwriting issues that traditional lending doesn’t allow for -  the Arrive Home Earned Equity Program is an outlet that gives consumers with the ability to repay a pathway to homeownership.

Imagine being able to help a whole new demographic of buyers purchase a home in both responsible and dependable ways! The current credit models are designed for white, middle-class home buyers. That was the norm for many years, but things have changed significantly in the past few years. It’s becoming more and more common that a consumer no longer fits that standard income mold. These new borrowers have demonstrated their ability to pay through timely rental payments, but they just don’t fit the traditional credit box. They are unable to utilize most of the available mortgage options in the market.

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Failing to provide sustainable homeownership for minority groups costs tens of thousands per year in rent payments and hundreds of thousands of dollars in earnings over a lifetime. The national average for a two-bedroom apartment is $1,997 to rent, versus the average mortgage payment is only $1,100 per month. Arrive Home can help you bridge the gap for homeownership.

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