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Matt Pettit, President and co-founder of Arrive Home

Matt Pettit

Matt Pettit is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder for Arrive Home, a national affordable housing program that provides Down Payment Assistance offerings and alternative credit solutions to underserved and minority communities. He has over two decades of experience in the mortgage and fintech industry, spending most of his career in leadership roles. He is committed to increasing homeownership opportunities by utilizing carefully crafted, quality programs that bridge innovative market solutions with easy-to-use software. Matt is a winner of the 2023 Next Gen Leader Award. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and two small children.

Todd Peterson

At Arrive Home, Todd Peterson serves as our dedicated Chief Financial Officer, bringing a wealth of expertise honed over seven years as Controller for a tribal Down Payment Assistance provider. With a focus on integrating cutting-edge financial technologies, Todd streamlines operations, optimizes cash flow, and ensures accurate quarterly financial reporting. His commitment to transparency and efficiency drives our financial operations forward, fostering trust and stability in our endeavors.

Residing in Boise, Idaho, with his wife. They have 4 children and 4 grandchildren. Todd's personal values of family and community mirror his professional dedication to creating secure financial futures for families through Arrive Home. Armed with an undergraduate degree in accounting and a graduate degree in Business, Todd combines academic rigor with practical experience to navigate the complexities of real estate finance, positioning Arrive Home as a leader in accessible and transparent homebuying experiences. When Todd is not working, he enjoys spending time in the outdoors.

CFO of Arrive Home - Todd Peterson
Tai Christensen, Chief Diversity and Public Relations Officer for Arrive Home

Tai Christensen

Tai Christensen is the Co-Founder and President for Arrive Home, a national affordable housing program dedicated to helping responsible borrowers in underserved communities become homeowners through their Down Payment Assistance offerings and alternative credit solutions. Tai is also the host of the California Mortgage Bankers Association’s podcast on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. She serves as Chair of the American Mortgage Diversity Council (AMDC), and serves as a board member for Axis Lift 360, a non-profit that focuses on providing the mortgage lending industry with a more diverse talent pool of job candidates. Tai is a winner of the 2023 National Mortgage Professional Women of Inspiration Award, the 2023 HousingWire Woman of Influence Award, the SUCCESS Magazine’s 2023 Emerging Entrepreneur Award, the 2022 Thought Leader Award for Progress in Lending and the 2021 Mortgage Professional America Elite Women Award. She has been featured on Fox Business News, as well as articles in the Washington Post, Mortgage Professional America, Mreport, Real Estate Weekly, Forbes, and numerous podcasts. Tai is passionate about assisting credit worthy borrowers in disadvantaged communities become homeowners and build intergenerational wealth through homeownership. Tai lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah, with her husband, three daughters and their black lab, Charley. She attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and has over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, specializing in working with underserved communities.

Mark Tribuna

Mark Tribuna is a results-driven executive leader with a strong portfolio of success directing the operations and financial management of mortgage and financial service companies. As Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Arrive Home, Mark brings his significant and diverse experience spanning various sectors including; finance, business development, social impact, and technology.  He expertly oversees operations, spearheading ambitious growth strategies with an objective of empowering the organization thus positioning the Company to achieve unprecedented success.

Holding a degree in Computer Science with Business Emphasis from St. Anselm College, he excelled at Nation One Mortgage Company, ultimately becoming Chairman, CEO, and sole shareholder. In 2007, Mark embraced new challenges, transitioning to high-level executive positions within independent mortgage banks. Possessing both a passion and flare for meaningful change efforts led to the establishment of an affordable mortgage banking subsidiary for Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity in 2015. This effort helped change the non-profit housing market and cemented Mark’s influential reputation as both a change agent and visionary leader.

Mark’s unwavering commitment to social impact, and grasp of technologies reflect his abilities as a trusted advisor and a catalyst for positive change efforts. Continuously inspiring others, and informed by extensive experience, he forges ahead, shaping a better future for those that he aligns himself with.
Mark Tribuna
Shawn King, headshot and co founder of Arrive Home

Shawn King

Shawn is the Executive Vice President of National Sales and a co-founder of Arrive Home, a national down payment assistance social enterprise for multiple government agencies.  His relevant experience spans over 20 years in the mortgage and real estate space consisting of tens of thousands of mortgage transactions comprising several billion in mortgage volume.

A teacher at heart, Shawn seeks to help people better themselves through an education of the value of home ownership and the options to achieve it.  Shawn has enjoyed this journey with his wife of 28 years and their three daughters, making their home in Star, Idaho.

Chris Tyrrell

Chris Tyrrell is the Executive Vice President and co-founder of Arrive Home. 

With 22 years in the mortgage space, managing diverse credit, compliance, production and other departments, Chris brings a unique dimension of operational experience to the team, including a sharp focus on risk, lending operations and customer experience.  Chris’ vision includes a seamless operational experience for all lending partners that puts control of the process in the hands of our partners, while delivering a risk platform that lenders have confidence in.  

Chris, along with his wife, Micah and three children live in Southern California. 

Chris Tyrrell is the Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of Arrive Home

Chris Hauver

Chris is the Executive Vice President of Arrive Home, a national down payment assistance social enterprise for multiple government agencies.

He has worked over 10 years helping to provide lender financing solutions through government and not-for-profit entities. Whether assisting in the creation of a community development fund, expanding the social impact of a TDHE, or exploring new emerging homebuyer credit strategies, Chris is a strong advocate for responsible homeownership and its role in generational wealth.

He has 5 children and lives with his wife of almost 30 years in the Cache Valley of Utah. He holds an undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University Idaho and a graduate degree from the College of St Scholastica.

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